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From Concept to Creation: Your Mobile App Roadmap

So, you've got an idea for a mobile app that could be the next big thing.


And you might be stuck figuring out how to make that leap from just an idea to something tangible.

Because convincing investors, partners, or potential team members becomes much simpler when you have more than just an idea.

What if you had a clear step-by-step roadmap to build your app's first version?

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We specialize in transforming your app idea into a structured plan that lays the foundation for its development.

How We Create Your App’s Roadmap

1. Initial Consultation:


  • We start with a call to understand the broad outline of your app idea and objectives.

2. Brainstorming Preparation:

  • We make a questionnaire to help us have a good brainstorming session about your app.

3. Strategy Session:


  • We work together to choose the best features for your app, checking if they're doable and match your business goals. This helps us decide what to include in the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and what to save for future versions.


4. Validation and Planning:


  • We score each feature to see if it fits in the MVP or future versions. Then, we pick the key features for the MVP, looking at what's essential and what tech is needed.


5. Budget and Timeline Estimation:


  • We estimate the MVP development cost and timeline, adjusting to fit your budget and goals.


6. Milestone Planning:


  • The MVP is broken down into 4-week milestones, each with specific deliverables and timelines. Technical and business challenges are also mapped out to ensure they're addressed timely.


7. Design and Roadmap Finalization:


  • We present the initial app design, focusing on MVP features, and finalize the project roadmap, giving you a clear view of the journey ahead.

RoadMap Deliverables:

1. Project-Adjusted Questionnaire that allows to brainstorm all the project features and ideas

2. Scoring system to understand what features are essential for the MVP and which bring more value to the customer. Also, what features are feasible within the available budget.

3. Timeline and budgeting made easy: MVP becomes a clear and outlined scope and goal, which can be easily addressed and achieved.


4. Visualization of the Roadmap with the Milestones and Deliveries for the MVP.


5. Visualization of the MVP challenges as well as their placement on the roadmap as show stoppers: it becomes clear what questions to address at which point of time.


6. Initial app design (main screens) to begin with that can be validated with partners or investors.


7. Workshop "How to Maintain the Flexible Roadmap" that teaches how to work with the roadmap, how to keep the roadmap alive and updated and why is flexibility essential for a roadmap.

So, in the end, you'll gain a clear understanding of crucial MVP features, a defined budget and timeline, insights into future versions and an understanding of the technologies to be used.

What is the price for preparing the App’s Roadmap?

We've made the cost as affordable as possible. In fact, we invest much more time into these tasks than the cost we're quoting you here.


However, we believe that this will allow you to test-drive working with us - all comfy and cost-effective. 


The cost of creating the App’s Roadmap is just €570


(If you also require design creation and the development of a clickable prototype in addition to the App’s Roadmap, the total cost for such a complete service is - €2,700)

And if after this you feel comfortable working with us and you're now confident in our professionalism, then we can move on to full-fledged development)

We'd like to highlight that you're not taking any risks because we offer a clear money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with our work.


We're really confident in the quality of our work, which is why we provide these guarantees so readily.

Why does it make sense to work on your App’s Roadmap with us?


We are the oldest mobile development studio in Europe, working in the industry since its inception.


Our company is led by experienced entrepreneurs. This leads to our key difference: we help the customer create a business model, not just a set of features.


It's comfortable and efficient to work with us because we speak like real people, not like IT nerds.


To start creating your App’s Roadmap, just schedule a brief call with us:

Some facts about our company:

5Pro App Development is a division of our company, 5Pro Software, which was started in 2001 in Frankfurt/Oder, Germany.

We've been in the mobile development market for over 20 years, pretty much since the industry began.

We have clients in 28 countries around the globe.


On one hand, we know how to work with big, complex projects for large companies:


Our first client was Deutsche Telekom :)

For a long time, we were an official partner of Nokia (during their heyday in the mobile device market)

Among our clients are:


On the other hand, we've got a bunch of clients who are small and medium-sized business owners, and with our help, they've launched and grown their very first mobile app (these folks are our absolute favorites!).


For them, we've designed the Technological Marriage Approach.

What really gets us excited are those challenging tasks that demand out-of-the-box solutions and seem like mission impossible at first.

And few words about our managing partners:




Serial entrepreneur, started his first business in 1993.


Since then, he's launched successful ventures across different industries - wholesale trade, commercial real estate, business process consulting, language school, countryside property development, marketing agency, and more.

He implemented his first IT project in 2002, which was the simplest and most user-friendly CRM system in its market segment.

Thanks to his extensive experience in business process and marketing consulting, he knows many industries inside out.


This allows him to quickly understand and finds common language with entrepreneurs from different businesses

Konstantin  copy.jpg


If IT had belts like martial arts, Konstantin would undoubtedly have a black belt and a guru status.

Initially, a skilled applied mathematician and cybersecurity expert,  he's been in the mobile tech industry from the beginning.

One of his killer skills is finding optimal solutions to complex problems that are also several times cheaper than what other companies may offer.


Such high-level specialists are rare - probably only 2-3 in Europe and a few more in the US.

To start creating your App’s Roadmap, just schedule a brief call with us:

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