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Need to Scale Your Development Team Fast?

In search of programmers who can quickly blend into your existing development processes?

If you already have a working app that is either:


1) at the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) stage, essentially the first release, which you're testing with your target audience,



2) a stable, functioning product that has successfully launched and now needs intensive development,

and you need to quickly expand your team of developers, we can offer a team extension using the Gentle Shore Approach.

Specifically, we can start with a 2-week development sprint at a special price.


Now, normally, two weeks of work by one of our developers is about €4,000 (slightly depending on the programmer's skill level and specialization).

However, to kick off our collaboration on the most comfortable terms, we have a special price for the first 2-week development sprint - €2,400 for two weeks of work from one of our code wizards.

We've got that "first step into the water" covered with our money-back guarantee - if you're not satisfied with our specialists' work, we'll refund the payment for this test sprint, no sweat.

We think it's a pretty fair and secure way to roll, don't you? :)

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