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When it comes to our projects, we're really good at tasks that need more than just devising an IT solution.


We also tailor it to fit a specific client's business model, aiming to boost their current business and achieve real, measurable results.

Here are a few examples of the projects we've worked on:

Elevating Client Service and Convenience


Online Car Parts Store: Reducing Product Search Time from 10 Minutes to 10 Seconds

Initial Situation:

Buying spare auto parts can be a tough task, given the choice between genuine and non-original parts.


The databases for non-original auto parts are often unreliable, varying in accuracy and completeness, and it's not always clear if a part is suitable for a specific car.


Consequently, finding a single car part for a client can take anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes!

What We Did:

We thoroughly outlined the auto part selection algorithm, accounting for all situations, even non-standard ones.


We then developed a mobile application based on this algorithm.

We created a system to scan car documents.

Now, a simple document scan recognizes the car's VIN number and finds specific parts for that model.

Technologies Used in this Project:

  • iOS app: Swift framework, MVVM architecture, Core data, ML Kit, Apple Vision

  • Android app: Kotlin framework, SQLite, ML Kit

  • Web front: Angular2, jQuery, Bootstrap

  • Backend: PHP/Lumen, REST, Maria DB

  • External services: Twilio (sms transport), AWS SNS (push service), AWS S3 (storage), Geolocation API, payment and delivery systems API, vehicle identification API

The Outcome:

With our solution, finding a car part now only takes 10 seconds instead of 10 to 40 minutes!


Such technology is unique in the industry. This gives our client's store a competitive advantage.


Currently, two types of clients use the application:


1) end users who buy auto parts for themselves;

2) car service personnel who service the cars.

Car Service Staff Statistics:

  • After being trained to use the application, 100% of specialists installed it on their phones.

  • 82% of them have started ordering auto parts through the application.

Digitizing Key Business Processes


Legal Services Agency: 95% Reduction in Time Spent on Preparing Client Documents by Highly Qualified Staff

Initial Situation:

A legal services agency, assisting clients with tax calculations, needs to receive an initial set of documents and forms from each client.


However, clients often send incomplete documents, make mistakes, or use incorrect formats.


This leads to the agency staff spending a lot of time communicating with clients to set things right.

Highly qualified staff is costly, and it's inefficient to have them spend their valuable time on mundane document preparation.


At the same time, only a legal expert can ensure the documents are filled out correctly.

Our Solution:

We developed a custom client application that provides an action checklist and allows clients to scan and upload documents.

The system guides and advises at each step for every document and form, essentially mimicking a legal expert's work algorithm.

The system also collects and organizes all documents in one place, a task previously handled manually by consultants.


Moreover, a centralized and standardized data record makes it easy to reassign cases between consultants.

Technologies Used in This Project:

  • iOS app: Swift framework, MVC architecture, Realm DB, Open CV

  • Web front: Angular2, jQuery, Bootstrap

  • Backend: PHP/Lumen, REST, Maria DB

  • External services: Twilio (SMS transport), AWS S3 (storage)

The Outcome:

The application helps to avoid or correct most common errors made by customers when sending the initial sets of documents and forms.


This results in legal staff spending significantly less time on working through received documents.


Even if received documents still contain errors, the application saves time by allowing consultants to simply mark the incorrect documents.


The application then automatically sends corrective recommendations to customers.


The result? The legal agency was able to reduce the time its highly qualified staff spent working with customers by a whopping 95%."

Streamline Cruise Ship Boarding


Check-In & Gangway 5x Faster

Starting point:

Boarding a cruise liner can be a headache.


The check-in process requires verifying each passenger's ticket, scanning and inspecting relevant data such as passports, and this all happens before passengers can even step onboard.


The consequence?  Long lines and a waiting period that can stretch to 3 to 5 hours.

Our solution:

We developed a mobile Check-In & Gangway app that works on Windows, Android, and iOS tablets, making the check-in process faster and more convenient.


Here's how it works:

  1. An employee uses the device's camera to register the ticket and other required documents, takes a photo of the passenger, and logs the details.

2. The passenger then confirms the data with an electronic signature.

3. Once the passenger is checked in, the system creates a guest profile and adds it to the cruise ship's passenger database.


This allows the passenger to use their profile for various services during their cruise.

The outcome:

With our app, the check-in process is five times faster

Passengers can now get registered onto a cruise ship in significantly less time. 

Plus, the Check-In & Gangway app allows instant identification or billing of the registered passenger across various facilities on the cruise ship, and when reboarding after a stopover. 

Driving Retail Sales Growth


A Game-Changer Tool for Manufacturers

Initial situation:

In the car parts market, manufacturers spend a considerable amount on promoting their brand and products. 

However, tracking the results of these efforts is challenging. Research indicates that in 80% of sales, the retail assistant's recommendation is the determining factor. 

Only 20% of buyers make a decision based on their own preference, and it's uncertain whether the manufacturers' advertisements play any role in this.

Our solution:

We've created a unique marketing platform for the manufacturer that links them directly to retail assistants via a smartphone app.

The manufacturer can launch campaigns for specific products or product ranges. When retail assistants sell a promoted item, they receive a financial reward. 

To register these sales, retail assistants simply scan the product barcodes and sales receipts using the app.

In addition, the platform affords a view into how products are displayed on shelves across different retail locations

The manufacturer sends display instructions to retail assistants, who in turn send back photos of the completed display.

The app features a fast scan function for easier stock management as well. 


Retail assistants scan products on the shelves, and the app registers these products, rewarding the assistants for their efforts. 

The manufacturer can also use the app to share educational videos about the products, helping retail assistants understand their unique features and selling points. 

After completing a training program, retail assistants take a test via the app to demonstrate their understanding, earning rewards for successful completion.

The Outcome:

This project resulted in a revolutionary marketing platform that enables manufacturers to directly influence retail sales, a feat previously only possible through distributors. 

The manufacturer now receives direct sales statistics from individual regions, cities, and stores.

Currently, the system is used by over 11,000 retail assistants across 9,635 stores in 411 cities

The manufacturer has made a significant shift towards using this platform for training and sales promotion.

You might have noticed, in all our projects, our primary focus is on achieving our client's business goals.


If you resonate with this approach and you have a task you need our help with, let's arrange a quick Zoom call.

We can meet, look each other in the eye, and figure out how we can make some magic happen together.

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