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📱You need to make a mobile app but aren't sure how to pick the right development studio without a hitch?


The big issue in app development: developers and entrepreneurs often fail to speak the same language.


Developers are focused on features, but the entrepreneur wants a successful business.


This happens because most studios are founded by programmers who are tech-focused and don't really get how business works.


The end result? 😕 A product that fails to meet the client's expectations.


"But this isn't what I needed!" says the upset entrepreneur.


"But we made all the features you asked for!" the developers respond.


The result of this "cooperation" is a dissatisfied customer, missed deadlines, and the project can drag on for years (or even stop before launch).


💔📉 We are really sad to see this situation in the market, which is ruining the idea of developing mobile apps for business.


Luckily, our development business was built on different principles.


In this way, we're like a purple cow in the market.


Firstly, because our company is led by experienced entrepreneurs.


🔑 Our key difference is that we see app development as building a successful business. We help the customer create a business model, not just a set of features.


We speak like real people, not like IT nerds. You'll understand each step of the development.


Every project is directly overseen by our managing partners who have nearly 30 years of business experience.


🎯We kick-start the development process by understanding your business goals or how you plan to incorporate the mobile app into your existing business model.


🔧 And from this, we build the app's functionality.


At each development stage, you'll see how you're getting closer to the ideal business outcome that we agreed on at the start.


🍒 A couple more cherries on top:


- We're the oldest mobile development studio in Europe.

- We're great at handling tricky projects and love challenges.


But don't just take our word for it.


You can test our work quality with our "smooth entry into the water" approach.


The first step can be simple and risk-free:


We can start with a free strategic session + a short two-week block of our developers' work at a super special price.


This way, you can make sure we're on the same wavelength.


🔙 Plus, you're not taking any risks because we offer a clear money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with our work.


💡One strategic session + a 2-week full-stack app development sprint for just €2,400!


P.S. And one more thing... It may sound incredible, but we always stick to deadlines :)


How do we do it? We do a really thorough initial analysis, so we don't run into "unexpected difficulties" during the development.




This is what you get when you click "Apply now"👇:


1. It's got some easy questions about your project. You can pick answers we've already got there ✔️.


2. You tell us how to contact you. WhatsApp, phone, email, you name it. We'll talk to you how you like best 📞📧.


3. We'll chat a bit and set a time for a strategic session. Then our developers could start on your project as early as next week 🚀.

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