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🚀📱 Let's talk about mobile apps for businesses.

We often hear from entrepreneurs: "I have a company website, do I really need a mobile app?"


If you're asking this, we hate to break it to you but... you probably don't need one. 😬


Why? Because an app only makes sense when it's part of your business model, and acts as a booster for that model.

If you don't yet understand how a mobile app can boost your business model, why do you need it?


Underneath the sleek screens of any successful mobile app, there are often complex and resource-intensive business processes at play. Without these, the app is just a pretty wrapper. 🎁


Take Badoo, the well-known dating app. 🥰 Besides its standard dating app features, the company has developed numerous security features to ensure users are real and verified.


For example, they have a photo verification process where users upload a photo imitating a certain pose, which is then reviewed by one of Badoo's 5,000 moderators within a minute.

See, the process of managing these 5,000 moderators is a separate complex task that goes far beyond the app itself. And in the app, it's just one feature. You can't compete with Badoo by simply copying their interface.

So, what key processes will underpin your app, and what's the benefit to the customer?


Maybe you can provide a fantastic level of delivery speed?


Do you have an always available support team?


Or maybe you have the largest number of subcontractors connected to your platform?


You have a better chance of winning if you initially build a business model where the mobile app is an important part, but just one part, of a competitive business model.

Take a look at all the well-known winners. 🏆


Uber, for example, is not just an app connecting customers and drivers. Behind it all is a complex system managing business processes such as dynamic pricing (based on supply and demand), a rating system for drivers and passengers, payment processing, insurance, and logistics software to optimize routes. 🚗💨


Amazon is much more than just an online store. It's one of the largest and most efficient logistics networks in the world and a complex customer relationship management system. 🛍️🌍

So, the approach here is clear: don't just come up with a mobile app.


Come up with a business model, a part of which will be this app. And realistically assess your resources, choosing the problem you can actually solve.


Remember that behind existing market players there is an effective model. And to grab a piece of their pie, your model needs to be more effective in some key areas. 🎯💪

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