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How to Keep Your Mobile App Users Engaged?

🚀 Are you developing a new mobile app?

📊 Did you know that on average about 77% of users stop using an app within just three days after install?


And about 90% of users tend to drop off within a month? 🕓

While mobile app creators are breaking their heads over how to attract more users, an equally important challenge often gets overlooked:

how to retain those new users and ensuring they keep engaging with your app over time?

🚱 Because spending money to attract new users only to lose them within a month is like pouring water into a leaky bucket.


poor Onboarding Process.png

So, you might need to think about:

✅ How will you onboard new users?

✅ How will your push notifications be set up?

✅ How will you inspire your users to return to your app and engage with it?

Of course, you'll create your own strategies for your app to boost the retention rate. But these onboarding techniques that have worked wonders for other apps might spark some ideas:

1️⃣ Tutorial or Walkthrough: Take a cue from Slack and Trello, and introduce a short tour that guides new users through your app's key features.

2️⃣ Interactive Overlays: Apps like Canva and Snapchat employ interactive overlays and tooltips to guide users through the interface and explain each feature.

3️⃣ Gamify the Onboarding Process: Duolingo and Headspace make onboarding fun by turning the process into a game, involving unlocking achievements, earning points, or progressing through levels.

4️⃣ Prompt Users to Customize Their Experience: Apps like Spotify and Pinterest let users personalize their experience during onboarding, which might involve choosing favorite genres or topics.

5️⃣ Use Progress Bars: Evernote shows a progress bar that fills up as users complete various setup tasks. This visual marker gives users a sense of achievement and encourages them to get fully set up.

6️⃣ Use Rewards or Incentives: Uber uses a referral program that rewards both the existing user and the new user with a discount. This not only encourages new users to try out the app but also motivates existing users to stay and invite their friends.

💡 Remember, the goal of the onboarding process is not just to show users how the app works, but also to demonstrate its value.

The sooner users reach that "aha" moment of seeing your app's value, the more likely they'll stick around.

(But if your app doesn't deliver any value, well... no amount of onboarding wizardry is going to save the day!)


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