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Got a project to create a platform where clients can find experts and book consultations or sessions?


Maybe you're thinking about connecting patients with therapists, linking students with tutors, or matching clients with lawyers or athletes with coaches?


Looking to handle client payments, provide support, create chat features, integrate video calls, have a notification system, scheduling system, etc.?


Developing such platforms has its tricky parts, and not every development studio can handle it (it's way different from just making a simple mobile app).


We often have clients whose systems didn't work out well, and they ask us to fix what previous developers messed up. Unfortunately, we usually have to start from scratch due to critical architectural mistakes.


Allow us to guess, you'd like to avoid situations where you end up spending money later to fix big development mistakes, right?


If so, we can help develop your Expert Matching Platform in the best and most efficient way from the start.

Why are we better at this?


1. We view app development as building a successful business, not just a set of features.


2. Unlike regular development studios, we specialize in messaging and call services – crucial for such platforms. With over 20 years in secure communication systems, we've got our own products in this area.


3. Cybersecurity is one of our key skills. We protect user data to the standards required by government-level systems. More over, we have a dedicated department for penetration testing.


(Protecting personal data is critically important in such platforms, as failures can lead to significant fines)

4. We're great at creating systems for a large number of users, ensuring stability and resilience (a task that's not everyone's cup of tea).


5. Plus, we speak like real people, not IT nerds. You'll understand each step of the development :)



Typical features of such a platform?


Usually, the main features are: 

  • Expert Verification System

  • Profile Creation and Customization

  • Advanced Search and Filtering

  • Scheduling System

  • Secure Payment Integration

  • Messaging and Communication Tools (including video calls if they fit the platform's needs)

  • Ratings and Reviews

  • Dashboard and Reporting

  • Notification System

Of course, each project also has its own unique features.



How do we start working on a project?


Step 1. We conduct an introductory call with you to discuss your vision, objectives, and key functions of the platform.


Step 2. Based on this, we prepare a structured description of the future system, its elements, and technologies used.


We also prepare an initial estimate of the app development budget (the cost of each project depends on how complex it is, but to give you a rough idea, the budget for developing the first release (MVP) usually starts from around €30K).


We also make a demo video of what the system might look like, to make sure we're on the same page.

This means from the very start (even before development begins!) you'll understand how the final result will look: the system's logic and features, the main screens of the app, the user's journey inside the app, and more.



Step 3. Get a Mobile Developers Test-Drive!


To kick off our collaboration on the most comfortable terms, we have a special price for the first development sprint: we work at a 45% discount from our standard rates for the first two weeks.


This lets you get a taste of our work ethic, expertise, and vibe to work with us.

(By the way, at this stage you're not taking any risks because we provide a clear money-back guarantee if you're not happy with our work.)


So, ready to take the first step? Click 'Apply now' below, leave your details, and let's discuss your project 👇

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