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You need to make a mobile app

but aren't sure how to pick the right development studio

without a hitch?

The big issue in app development: developers and entrepreneurs often fail to speak the same language.

Programmers see a mobile app as a set of features.


Entrepreneurs need to build a successful business model.

business-model - 3.png

These are different perspectives. Different viewpoints. We could even say different universes

Naturally, an entrepreneur trying to choose a contractor to develop their app isn't thrilled by this state of affairs.


They talk with one, two, three development studios.


Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs just settle with this reality, thinking, "All techies are like this, speaking in their own tech lingo. It's okay if we don't fully understand each other."

Finally, the client thinks, "Okay, they're specialists, I hope they'll do it right." And they start the development process.


But what's the result?

app not working.png

Everything functions differently from what the client envisioned.


The features are there, but they're skewed. Users are unhappy, leaving the app. It can't be monetized, and it fails to fulfil its business objectives.

"But that's not what I needed!" complains the disappointed entrepreneur.


"But we implemented all the features you asked for!" the developers defend.

03 copy_edited.jpg

On top of that, deadlines are constantly missed, which can drag the project out for years (or sometimes even stop before it launches).

This situation happens because most development studios are run by programmers. They focus on technology and don't really understand how real business works.

We've got a couple of real-life examples lined up for you, highlighting the difference between a "coder's" mindset and an "entrepreneur's" one in app development:

🔍 Case Study #1

Recently, an entrepreneur approached us who had spent three grueling years trying to launch a product with an offshore team.


The project had a big team with dozens of programmers. Among them, there were three guys who spent three years working on just one part of the product (which gives together nine man-years of work!).


But even after all that time, they still didn't finish it.


When we discussed the client's business logic and understood the business model he was building, it was obvious that there was no point in developing this module from scratch.


A smarter move was to take the best ready component available at the moment and integrate it into the platform being developed.

This would take weeks, not nine man-years.


And the developers' resources, time, and funding could then focus on other tasks.


❓So, why did the previous team spend so long on the feature?


Simply because they didn't bother understanding the client's business and seeking optimization. Well, if the client says it needs to be developed, they'll develop it.

🔍 Case Study #2

A client came to us and requested a code review.


He told us that he was working with his country's top and most expensive mobile development studio.


He had already spent about 400,000 euros on development, but nothing seemed to work properly.


Most importantly, he didn't feel like he was any closer to wrapping up his project. It seemed like it could go on forever.


✅ After delving into the project's business logic, we found a surprising fact.


This top-tier studio had decided to cram the product full of fancy, trendy technologies (including artificial intelligence :) ), which were completely unnecessary!


In the end, we had to redo the project from scratch, costing about 100,000 euros (compare that to the 400,000 euros spent on an unfinished product).

These case studies illustrate what the actual figures for money and time losses look like when the "coder's" approach underlies the development process.


We're saddened to see this scenario in the market, one that discredits the very idea of mobile app development for business.

So, Where Do We Stand?

Luckily, our development business was founded on different principles.

In this way, we're like a purple cow in the market.

purple cow 2.jpg

Firstly, because our company is led by experienced entrepreneurs.


Our key difference - we view app development as creating a functioning business. We help our clients in building an efficient business model, not just a set of features.


So, we start by asking:

  • "What's your ultimate business goal?"

  • "What should your ideal business model look like?"

  • "What matters most to your future app users? What solutions will make them jump for joy?"

  • "How do you envision your business in one year, three years, five years?"

The answers to these questions truly influence the tech decisions we need to make at the very project kick-off.

It helps avoid painful and costly reworks when it suddenly turns out that the project can't be scaled due to initial architecture limitations.

After several joint sessions discussing these questions, our clients often find they have a dramatically different understanding of their app's functionality compared to the initial feature list they gave us.

App Functionality.png

Why? Because there are many roads to the same goal. By understanding your ultimate business goal, we can suggest optimal architectural solutions and technologies that can get you there quicker, cheaper, and simpler.

Also, throughout the development process, you'll see exactly how you're getting closer to the ideal business outcome we mapped out at the beginning


We make the development process transparent and clear for the client. At every project stage.

control 3.png

We talk human, not tech. You'll understand every step of the development journey

With us, there are no "black boxes" - no situations where developers are coding something unclear to the client. We make the development process transparent and easy to understand.

What else can we add?

  • We are the oldest mobile development studio in Europe, having worked in the industry since its inception.

  • We excel at handling tricky projects and thrive on challenges.

And one more thing... It may sound incredible, but we always stick to deadlines.

How do we do it? We do quality preliminary analysis. So, we don't face "unexpected difficulties" during development.

By the way, every project is directly controlled by our managing partners who bring nearly 30 years of varied business experience to the table.


So, a few words about our managing partners:




Serial entrepreneur, started his first business in 1993.


Since then, he's launched successful ventures across different industries - wholesale trade, commercial real estate, business process consulting, language school, countryside property development, marketing agency, and more.

He implemented his first IT project in 2002, which was the simplest and most user-friendly CRM system in its market segment.

Thanks to his extensive experience in business process and marketing consulting, he knows many industries inside out.


This allows him to quickly understand and finds common language with entrepreneurs from different businesses

Konstantin  copy.jpg


If IT had belts like martial arts, Konstantin would undoubtedly have a black belt and a guru status.

Initially, a skilled applied mathematician and cybersecurity expert,  he's been in the mobile tech industry from the beginning.

One of his killer skills is finding optimal solutions to complex problems that are also several times cheaper than what other companies may offer.


Such high-level specialists are rare - probably only 2-3 in Europe and a few more in the US.

So you're set to build a mobile app. What's the initial step?

When we talk about the advantages of our approach, actually, we don't ask you to take our word for it.

Instead, you can test our work quality with our "smooth entry into the water" approach, which essentially is a test-drive of our mobile development service.

The first steps can be simple and risk-free.

Check out these 3 simple steps:

Risk-Free Start to Your App Development 4.png

Step 1. We conduct an introductory call (a kind of strategic session) with you and discuss the key business tasks of your application and the necessary functionality.

Step 2. After we talk, we'll prepare a preliminary estimate of the app development budget for you + a small demo.

The demo might be, for instance, a Figma prototype with a few key app screens we've created.

Or sometimes, it might be a preliminary version of the key app function that we've roughly put together but already works on a smartphone.

Or, it could be a document detailing the logic of key functions, complete with screen mockups and UI examples.


This way, you can see that we:

1) really understand you and your tasks ,

2) we're up to speed in terms of using specific technologies necessary for your mobile app .

We do this stage for free. Thanks to this step, you can make sure we're on the same wavelength .

Step 3. 

Test Drive 2 copy.png

How about starting with a short work sprint to get a taste of our work ethic, expertise, and vibe?

To kick off our collaboration on the most comfortable terms, we have a special price for the first 2-week development sprint":

€2,400 for two weeks of work from one of our code wizards (normally, two weeks of work by one of our developers is about €4,000)

money back copy.png

Plus, you're not taking any risks because we offer a clear money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with our work.

This essentially will be your "first step into the water" .

And if after this you feel comfortable working with us and you're now confident in our professionalism, then we can move on to full-fledged development.

As you can see, we've made the "entry into the water" as smooth and risk-free as possible. We think this approach is fair and honest.

So, if you're ready to take the first step, this is what you'll get when you fill out the form below:

1. It's got some easy questions about your project. You can pick answers we've already got there .

2. You tell us how to contact you. WhatsApp, phone, email, you name it. We'll talk to you how you like best .

3. We'll chat a bit and set a time for a free strategic session .

P.S. It is precisely thanks to our approach to development that our clients' reviews usually talk about business results:

“Time to search and source a product for our client reduced from 20 minutes to 15 seconds.”


“Just within 6 months our product was being used by 11,000 people!”


“95% reduction in time spent on preparing client documents by highly qualified staff.”


“We now receive 67% of orders through this new application.”


”Now, with this new app, when passengers register onto our cruise ships, the check in time is 5 times faster.”

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