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Don't fall into the perfectionist's trap!

🛠️ Entrepreneurs launching a mobile app often fall into the trap of endlessly "perfecting" their product before launching it into the market.


They think that the app must be flawless first, and only then is it ready for launch.


⚠️ This is quite a dangerous, yet common misconception.


💡It's much wiser to start collecting feedback from your target audience as early as possible and make adjustments in the development process based on it.

➡️ B2B market? Creating a product for your company's clients?


👌 Cool, find your most loyal clients and invite them to be the first users of the product, offering them certain benefits in return.


Once they start using the app, chat with them!

🗨️ Find out what's inconvenient or unclear. Is the app solving their problems? What issues remain, and how would they ideally like to solve them with your app?



➡️ B2C market?


🚀 Launch an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of your app that only includes the essential features, showcasing the core idea of your product.


📝 Get feedback from users, and try to understand what's really valuable to them and what's secondary. What features are truly missed, and what can be left out?

MVP FB.png

➕ A big plus of this approach: Besides user feedback, you can make the development process more efficient:


✅ Gradual integration of new code allows implementing a Continuous Testing system, ensuring code quality remains stable.


✅ Your team can make changes based on real usage data, not just guesses.


✅ And overall, launching an MVP version first allows you to test the product's main hypotheses with minimal costs. So you can decide whether to continue development or not.



P.S. By the way, many iconic launches of legendary products happened far from when they were perfectly ready.


📱Take the first-generation iPhone in 2007, for example. Here's a far from complete list of its main issues:


  1. No 3G support, making the internet connection slow.

  2. No copy and paste ability.

  3. No support for MMS.

  4. No GPS.

  5. Battery issues.

  6. No video recording.

  7. Exclusive contracts with specific carriers in some countries, limiting availability.


As you know, the first version's flaws didn't stop it from succeeding in the market.

In fact, testing it with real users seriously sped up the product's improvement! 🚀

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