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You need to make a mobile app?

Need to quickly build a dev team? (or scale the existing one?)

But, how to choose the right developers to avoid headaches later?


How can you tell who's right for your project? Who gets your business and vibes with you?


A wrong choice means lost time and money!

๐Ÿ’กWe've come up with a risk-free way for you to quickly check whether our team is a good fit.


We call it the "smooth entry into the water" approach.


It allows you to see if you're comfortable with our team, if you understand each other, and if their level of professionalism suits you.


The first steps can be simple and risk-free.

Check out these 3 simple steps:

Risk-Free Start to Your App Development 4.png

Step 1. We conduct an introductory call (a kind of strategic session) with you and discuss the key business tasks of your application and the necessary functionality.

Step 2. After we talk, we'll prepare a preliminary estimate of the app development budget for you + a small demo.


The demo might be, for instance, a Figma prototype with a few key app screens we've created.


Or sometimes, it might be a preliminary version of the key app function that we've roughly put together but already works on a smartphone.


Or, it could be a document detailing the logic of key functions, complete with screen mockups and UI examples.


This way, you can see that we:


1) really understand you and your tasks ,


2) we're up to speed in terms of using specific technologies necessary for your mobile app .


We do this stage for free. Thanks to this step, you can make sure we're on the same wavelength .

Step 3. 

Test Drive 2 copy.png

How about starting with a short work sprint to get a taste of our work ethic, expertise, and vibe?


To kick off our collaboration on the most comfortable terms, we have a special price for the first 2-week development sprint":


€2,400 for two weeks of work from one of our code wizards (normally, two weeks of work by one of our developers is about €4,000)

money back copy.png

Plus, you're not taking any risks because we offer a clear money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with our work.


This essentially will be your "first step into the water" .

And if after this you feel comfortable working with us and you're now confident in our professionalism, then we can move on to full-fledged development.


As you can see, we've made the "entry into the water" as smooth and risk-free as possible. We think this approach is fair and honest.

So, if you're ready to take the first step, this is what you'll get when you fill out the form below:


1. It's got some easy questions about your project. You can pick answers we've already got there .


2. You tell us how to contact you. WhatsApp, phone, email, you name it. We'll talk to you how you like best .


3. We'll chat a bit and set a time for a free strategic session .

And to conclude, let us share a few facts about our company.

5Pro App Development is a division of our company, 5Pro Software, which was started in 2001 in Frankfurt/Oder, Germany.

We've been in the mobile development market for over 20 years, pretty much since the industry began.


We have clients in 28 countries around the globe.


On one hand, we know how to work with big, complex projects for large companies:


Our first client was Deutsche Telekom :)


For a long time, we were an official partner of Nokia (during their heyday in the mobile device market)


Among our clients are:


On the other hand, we've got a bunch of clients who are small and medium-sized business owners, and with our help, they've launched and grown their very first mobile app (these folks are our absolute favorites!).


For them, we've designed the Technological Marriage Approach.


Check out some of our projects here


What really gets us excited are those challenging tasks that demand out-of-the-box solutions and seem like mission impossible at first.

And few words about our managing partners:




Serial entrepreneur, started his first business in 1993.


Since then, he's launched successful ventures across different industries - wholesale trade, commercial real estate, business process consulting, language school, countryside property development, marketing agency, and more.


He implemented his first IT project in 2002, which was the simplest and most user-friendly CRM system in its market segment.


Thanks to his extensive experience in business process and marketing consulting, he knows many industries inside out.


This allows him to quickly understand and finds common language with entrepreneurs from different businesses

Konstantin  copy.jpg



If IT had belts like martial arts, Konstantin would undoubtedly have a black belt and a guru status.


Initially, a skilled applied mathematician and cybersecurity expert,  he's been in the mobile tech industry from the beginning.


One of his killer skills is finding optimal solutions to complex problems that are also several times cheaper than what other companies may offer.


Such high-level specialists are rare - probably only 2-3 in Europe and a few more in the US.

So, if you're vibing with everything we've laid out on this page and you have a task you'd like us to help you with, let's set up a quick call.


We can meet, look each other in the eye, and figure out how we can make some magic happen together.


Book a call now:

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