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Frustrated with Your App Development Team?

Many entrepreneurs developing complex apps with advanced backends face this issue:


You pick a team, start the project, but when you expect results, issues arise. 


Deadlines keep shifting. Developers give "smart-sounding" reasons (which you might not fully grasp - you're not techy).


Costs go up. Delivery dates stretch.


🤔 You're left confused: Is the delay due to real challenges, or is the team just making excuses?


You begin to fear the project may never get off the ground.

Or perhaps you've already attempted a launch, but the results were far below your expectations.

Why does this happen?


Main reason: most developers are not skilled at building the development process based on the client's business goals.


🎯 They aim to do what's "best" from a coder's view, not the business one.


Just a small example:


In one of the projects we reviewed for a client, part of the development team spent three years on just one important feature (that's nine man-years!).


After talking with the client about the feature's purpose and the project's goals, we realized it didn't make sense to build it from scratch.


A smarter move would've been to grab the best available component at the time and integrate it into the platform being developed.

❓So, why did the developers team spend so long on the one feature?


Simply because they didn't bother understanding the client's business and seeking optimization. Well, if the client says it needs to be developed, they'll develop it.

Even if they have best intentions, it's often because:

a) developers really love to code,

b) their business model is mostly based on hourly billing, so more hours often mean more income for them.


We see situations like this all the time. Developers often like (and benefit from) making things complex which takes more time. They also often get carried away with the latest tech trends.


🤖 That's why they might suggest things like "Why not integrate blockchain for this feature?", when a simple database could easily meet the requirements.


We're unhappy this happens a lot. That's why we're offering a special service:


  • If you feel like your project is stuck,

  • If you're not connecting effectively with your development team,

  • If you faced a failure with another team and want to work with people who you can trust to deliver.

  • Or even if you want someone “just” to explain the actual current state of the project in simple terms, not technical jargon...


... then we can do a free project audit for you.


How does it work? 🛠


🔍 We talk with you and analyze your project and current approach.


If everything's perfect (or at least fine), we'll honestly tell you so, congratulate you, and move on. 👍


If we spot critical mistakes, we'll give you a detailed report, along with our specific solutions on how to fix them.


We'll include clear timelines and most importantly, a calculation of the financial benefits you can gain from implementing those solutions.


This way, you can immediately see the tangible financial benefits from our audit. 💰



Why do we audit for free?


Nope, we're not saints or anything :)


We've noticed that 80% of our favorite clients with challenging projects came to us after first seeking a code review or consultation — especially when they hit a wall with their current dev team. 🧱


We ALWAYS look at projects from the entrepreneur's perspective and optimal business model for them. So, we quickly spot where money's being wasted or where timelines are needlessly stretched.


Clients who've worked with other teams really value our approach. They have something to compare us to!


("It's like night and day!" - a recent thankful client wrote, comparing us to their previous team.)


So, we figured an audit is a way to FIRST bring real value to the client, and THEN discuss if we can work together in the future.



What's next after the audit? ➡️


If, after our audit and the report on inefficient development aspects with specific solutions, you'd like to try working with us, we have a risk-free proposal:


Get a Mobile Developers Test-Drive!


Start with a short sprint and get a feel for our work ethic, expertise, and team vibe!


For a smooth start, we offer a special rate for the first 2-week development sprint:


€2,400 for two weeks of work by one of our coding wizards 🧙‍♂️ (typically, two weeks with one of our developers would cost about €4,000).


And there's zero risk. If you're not thrilled with our output, you get your money back, no questions asked 💰🔙🔒.


If you feel comfortable working with us and trust our expertise, we can then dive into full-scale development.



In summary:


We believe we've crafted a comfy, risk-free model that lets you test our professionalism and value to your project BEFORE diving into in full-scale collaboration.

Here's the game plan:


Step 1. Strategic session – to clearly understand your business goals/model and audit the development process accordingly (this is free).


Step  2. Audit – you'll receive a "map of your project's weak points where you're losing money and time", along with our specific solutions to tackle these issues (this is also free).


Step 3. Developers Test-Drive (at a 45% discount).


Step  4. If we're in sync and you're satisfied with our expertise, we dive into full-on development.


If this approach resonates with you, click 'Apply now' below, fill out the contact form, and let's schedule an introductory ZOOM session. 📅

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