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How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

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Let's start by determining what "game" you're getting into.


Are you thinking of a basic app that doesn't require a complex backend and will work on a user's smartphone?


Like a calculator, a note-taking app, a or compass, for instance?



Or do you need a platform or a SAAS solution that deals with multiple types of users?


For instance, you might want to create something like an "Uber for plumbers." This would involve at least 3 user types: customers, plumbers, and system admins

For these kinds of apps, the starting price is around $8-10K.


The final cost depends on how complicated the app is and what features it has.

Such apps are actually quite sophisticated, complex platforms.


They need a backend system for data storage, request handling, user management, payment processing, advanced analytics, and sometimes, for instance, real-time tracking.

For a basic MVP version, it's roughly $10-20K per user type + another $10-20K for the backend.


So, an MVP app with three user types would range from $40K to $80K.

If you're thinking of adding fancy features, like built-in voice calls without using third-party apps, that’s gonna cost extra depending on the exact requirement.

* If the price range is above your budget, maybe consider not building an app at all. Anything below that budget might not yield great results (in this case, to test your idea, you can try making an MVP using no-code tools). 


Does your budget fit within these limits?

Try exploring no-code platforms and make an MVP release of your app on one of them.




Sign up for a free strategy session, during which


  • we'll help you lay out the business logic of your future app,

  • work on its main features based on that,

  • and gather all the info we need to prepare a development plan and a more precise project budget for you

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