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Every entrepreneur dreams of getting their hands on a magical "unfair competitive advantage" that allows them to earn significantly more than their competitors.


But what could this be?


Let's ask you: for instance, if your key business process sped up by 5 times, would it bring additional revenue to your business?"


And what if your key employees could increase their efficiency by 250%, would that give a boost to your business?


Would it be a competitive advantage for you if, for example, your sales conversion in customer communication tripled?

But how can all this happen?


Now is a unique time when a window of opportunity is opening for many businesses to get an additional boost. This booster is the implementation of AI.


Something similar happened at the beginning of the internet era.


When some folks jumped on it,  using it for attracting and serving customers, while others dismissed it as nonsense (and later scrambled to catch up).

It's the same scene with AI now (but the payoff's faster). Some still see it as just a fun thing, but others are already reaping real, measurable benefits in their business.



So, how can AI boost your business?


Before making any business process more efficient with IT solutions, it was necessary to first unify them (to package them into a certain algorithm and automate).


However, now AI allows radically improving unstructured processes.



Let us give you a few real examples from our projects:


1) Picture this: A company that supplies wide array of parts for various machinery.

Whenever a buyer from a client company hit them up, they had to dive into this massive pile of catalogs, sifting through to find the perfect combo for that specific request.

We're talking about a process that chewed up anywhere from 30 minutes to several days.

Now, with the help of AI, it takes 10-20 seconds.


And within just a minute, they've also got a detailed commercial offer ready, covering everything from delivery to payment and more.

2) In a legal company, highly qualified and highly paid lawyers spent almost all their time analyzing documents from clients, searching for errors, and creating lists of necessary adjustments.


With AI and machine learning, they've cut down this time by an impressive 95%.


3) A large retail chain needs to monitor the compliance of product placement on shelves with the standard layout. They had a fleet of merchandisers for this who traveled to stores for checks.


With the help of a special mobile application powered by AI, now any store employee simply walks along the shelf with the smartphone camera turned on.

AI recognizes products, analyzes their placement, compares it with the ideal planogram, and immediately shows discrepancies.


The speed of error correction has increased tens of times, and the numerous staff of merchandisers is now unnecessary.



These examples vary, but they share one thing: AI not only slightly improves the process, it increases its efficiency many times over, often by an order of magnitude.


Interested in giving your business this radical AI boost? Book a free online meeting with us. We'll explore how best to weave AI into your business model.

Why can we really help with this?


1. We have been developing solutions for business for over 20 years, diving into AI long before it became a hot topic.

2. We approach IT solutions from an entrepreneur's perspective.


Our main gig is radically ramping up the efficiency of your business model, not just chasing the latest tech trends


For us, AI is not a cool toy, but a specific tool that increases business profits.

Who should reach out, and who shouldn't?


If you have a small micro-business with 2-3 employees, then perhaps it's too early to order custom AI tool development for you. You're probably better off using available AI services.


If you already have a solid business with set processes that you want to greatly improve, then it certainly makes sense to discuss it.


Because in such a business, improving indicators by even 10% is already a significant growth. But the results of using AI can be a giant leap forward!

So, would you like to boost your business with AI?


Would you like to gain an "unfair competitive advantage" while competitors are still asleep and have not yet realized the benefits of using AI?


Sign up for an online consultation, and we will discuss exactly where AI can be a growth driver in your business.

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