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Transparent App Development

Straight Talk, Real Results

Let's cut to the chase :)

When someone is looking for a mobile app development company (or external developers to expand their team), where do they usually search?

Naturally, you'd first hit up those you've worked with before and were happy with their performance.

But what if you don't have any such contacts at the moment?

You turn to friends, colleagues, and partners for trusted recommendations.

And what if that doesn't help either?

That's when things get tricky.

You're surfing through countless development studio websites - all of them seem to have good experience, decent case studies, and so on.

Then, you start reaching out to them - and most seem pretty cool.


So, how do you pick the right one? 

Especially when the task isn't a one-time deal, and you need development for an extended period, and you can't afford to screw up, losing cash and - more crucially - precious time.

Here's the raw truth:


If you haven't dabbled in a bunch of mobile projects, chances are you don't have a foolproof selection process. 


There's a high chance you'll end up picking a team of nice people who might deliver something that doesn't quite meet your needs.

We believe the simplest and most effective way to understand if you can work well with a development team is to just start working with them. BUT! 

Start working in a format where you're not risking anything until you're convinced it's the option you need. In the meantime, you won't be spending a lot of money, and you can stop at any moment.

That's why we use an approach we call the Gentle Shore Approach.

Gentle Shore Approach 2.png

We kick things off with a short work sprint, giving you a taste of our work ethic, expertise, and vibe. And in general, if we're on the same wavelength.

So, what stage are you at with your app?

  • Do you only have an idea?

  • Already jotted down the core features and sketched out some screens?

  • Or have you taken things up a notch with a Figma prototype?

  • Perhaps you've launched an MVP (the very first release of your mobile app) and are testing the waters with your audience?

  • Or you've got a solid working product, but need to scale your team or search for specialists with unique skills that your current crew lacks?


If you're at the "I only have an app idea" stage.

What's the first easy step we can take to kick your idea into high gear, and what will help move your project to the next stage?


We will set up a week of sessions with you, and during that time, we'll:


Nail down your app's business objectives:


  • Figure out the exact problems/tasks it'll tackle for your target audience

  • Work out how it'll make you money and the business processes needed to make it happen


Use those business objectives to whip up a list of core features.


Sketch out a few key screens of your future app, so you've got a clear picture of how it'll look.


Provide you with an approximate estimate of the budget and timeline for developing an app like yours.

By the end, you'll have a solid grasp of your project's logic, a feel and vision for how your app might look, and an understanding of the resources you'll need to make it happen (both financially and in terms of supporting business processes).

Now, about the cost of this work package:


We see this stage as the "first step into the water" in our Gentle Shore Approach.


So we're setting the bargain price at €570


(basically just covering the designer's cost, while the top dogs of our team will be working with you on this :) ).

And here's the kicker - if at any point you feel unsatisfied with our work, you can have your money back. No questions asked.


That's right, we're so sure of our top-notch work that we've got no qualms about offering guarantees like this. 

Before we dive in, let's have a quick 15-minute chat to iron out the technical details (it's free :) ).


If you're at the stage where you "already have a detailed project essence, a list of key features, and a few key screens sketched out,"


it makes sense to work on a set of tasks that will fully prepare you to start the actual app development process.


We'll dive deep into your app's business logic and turn it into a mobile application User flow / Screen flow.

What is a User flow?

The User flow of a mobile application is essentially the path a user takes within the app to reach their end goal.


This includes all buttons, forms, menus, and screens they interact with, as well as the transitions between them.


Based on the User flow, we'll create a clickable prototype of your mobile app in Figma.

What is a prototype in Figma?

A mobile app prototypes in Figma is a model or mockup of your app that lets you test out your ideas before you build the real thing.


We will create a prototype by linking together different screens of your app and adding interactive elements like buttons, menus, and forms.


This way, you can simulate how your app will work and get a feel for the user experience before you start coding.


Plus, it's a great way to get feedback from others and make improvements to your design before you invest time and money in development.


We'll suggest the technologies that your mobile app can be built on.


We'll provide an estimate of the budget and timeline needed for developing an app of this caliber.

By the end, you'll have a comprehensive User flow / Screen flow, a Figma prototype of your mobile app, recommended technologies for building it, and an estimated budget and timeline.

So, you'll be all set to begin the actual app development, having fine-tuned and tested your ideas, ultimately saving you time and resources down the line.

The price tag for this stage?


Super affordable. In fact, we spend much more time into these tasks than the cost we're quoting you here.

However, we believe that (if we start collaborating from this stage) within our Gentle Shore Approach, this will allow you to test-drive working with us - all comfy and cost-effective.

This phase will set you back just €2,700.

Just like the previous block of work, we guarantee that if you find yourself unhappy with the work we've done, we'll refund your money.

No fuss, no hassle.

We're so confident in the quality of our work that we have no hesitation in providing guarantees like this one.


If you already have a working app that is either:


1) at the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) stage, essentially the first release, which you're testing with your target audience,



2) a stable, functioning product that has successfully launched and now needs intensive development,

and you need to quickly expand your team of developers, we can offer a team extension using the Gentle Shore Approach.

Specifically, we can start with a 2-week development sprint at a special price.

Now, normally, two weeks of work by one of our developers is about €4,000 (slightly depending on the programmer's skill level and specialization).

However, to kick off our collaboration on the most comfortable terms, we have a special price for the first 2-week development sprint - €2,400 for two weeks of work from one of our code wizards.

And as always, we've got that "first step into the water" covered with our money-back guarantee - if you're not satisfied with our specialists' work, we'll refund the payment for this test sprint, no sweat.

We think it's a pretty fair and secure way to roll, don't you? :)

money back copy.png

By the way, let's clarify things: why are we offering a money-back guarantee for every type of our starter services?

We mean, this isn't a common practice in the development studio world, right? Why are we taking this approach?

The thing is, we work with most of our long-term clients for years. Often, we take on the role of creating their entire product lineup (check out our "Technological Marriage" section for more on this).

We achieve this because we aim to work only with clients with whom we've got that special "chemistry of mutual understanding."


If our views on the fundamentals of working together don't line up with a potential client, the sooner we figure that out, the better - for both of us.

So, our test drive with a money-back guarantee if you're not thrilled about our collaboration is our Gentle Shore Approach that does two things:

1) lets clients safely and comfortably take our services for a spin (we're totally confident in their top-notch quality), and

2) helps both us and the client quickly figure out if we're a match for the long haul.

Just to wrap things up, let us share a few facts about our company

5Pro App Development is a division of our company, 5Pro Software, which was started in 2001 in Frankfurt/Oder, Germany.

We've been in the mobile development market for over 20 years, pretty much since the industry began.

We have clients in 28 countries around the globe.


On one hand, we know how to work with big, complex projects for large companies:


Our first client was Deutsche Telekom :)

For a long time, we were an official partner of Nokia (during their heyday in the mobile device market)

Among our clients are:


On the other hand, we've got a bunch of clients who are small and medium-sized business owners, and with our help, they've launched and grown their very first mobile app (these folks are our absolute favorites!).


For them, we've designed the Technological Marriage Approach.

Check out some of our projects here

What really gets us excited are those challenging tasks that demand out-of-the-box solutions and seem like mission impossible at first.

So, if you're vibing with everything we've laid out on this page and you have a task you'd like us to help you with, let's set up a quick Zoom call.


We can meet, look each other in the eye, and figure out how we can make some magic happen together.

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